Icy Rush Company is an artisan creamery that started by catering children’s parties. Our motive was to see children smile, by providing them the joy of ice cream. Our inspiration, to bring the best, most original flavors and a different kind of Ice Cream experience.


The company has since evolved, and now with our first store opening its doors to the public, we’re bringing those same smiles to everybody who wants a sweet experience. Based on a vintage concept, Icy Rush Co. was founded while reminiscing about simpler times when children would run out to the streets and chase the ice cream truck, or couples would share one sweet milksake with two straws. This is the type of experience we want to give to our patrons. We promise to always find the finest ingredients to make the most delighful flavors and we are commited to assure our visitors with a new and memorable experience everytime they join us for a sweet treat.